Applying the Trims

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Application Guide

Take extra care and use gloves when handling as the rough edges of the trim can be sharp. One side has been created with a high adhesion matt finish, which you must always bond to.

Cutting the trims

When cutting trims down to size always make sure that you are wearing a safety mask and never breath in any of the dust. Recommended tools for cutting the trims are hack saw, small angle grinder or multi tool. Another useful tool to cut trims are tin snips, these take much longer to cut than the others but they reduce the amount of dust being generated.

Fixing the Trims

Bond the trims into position using polyurethane adhesive, you can either apply small beads at 300mm intervals or a small lines of adhesive under the fibreglass trim and then apply to the roof.

The trims can be fixed to the decking board using 15mm galvanised clout nails or staples with a compressed air gun. Simply hold the trim in position making sure the face is vertical, start by fixing the ends, then the middle and then 200mm thereafter.

Joining the trims

When joining the trims together, simply overlap by at least 50mm applying a bead of PU adhesive to one of the surfaces. If a ladder is going to be leant against the trim for regular roof access or widow then you may want to either double up by slotting in an extra section of trim where the ladder would go or reinforcing with an extra layer of GRP laminate and then surface tissue to maintain the smooth finish.