Problem roof? Time to put on the Overkote

Overkote is a high-performance flexible roofing system that provides instant waterproof protection for virtually any roofing surface including gutters, joints and seams.

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Extremely flexible

Engineered with our eFlex technology, Overkote is extremely flexible and performs effortlessly in cold weather and thermal expansion in the summer months.

UV resistant

As with all our systems, Overkote has built-in inhibitors that withstand ultraviolet and solar degradation, whilst maintaining a high-quality long lasting finish.

Works all year round

The product can be applied virtually all year round and because it does not react to moisture, can be used in damp conditions to provide immediate protection.

Single component system

Overkote can be applied directly onto the existing surface, in most cases, without the need for a primer or reinforcement, making it super easy to use.


The versatile system can be used on new and used surfaces, including EPDM (Rubber) Fibreglass, Felt, Asbestos, Metal, Concrete, PVC and more...

Instantly waterproof

Overkote cures instantly to form a protective waterproof barrier and depending on temperatures will cure in 3 hours with a full cure in 24 hours.

How does Overkote work

Overkote is a quick and easy system that is applied with standard rollers and brushes over a number of existing roof surfaces. Depending on the type of roof surface a primer layer may need to be applied, also any cracks can be repaired with the Sharkseal roofing adhesive.


The Overkote system can be brushed straight onto substrates such as felt, asphalt, asbestos bituminous roof coatings, concrete, wood, metal, brickwork, slate and rigid PVC. The product is also suitable for application to gutters and flashings.


The best guarantee is the one you'll never have to use, but just in case our Basecare protection has you covered.

Overkote is protected by our industry-leading Basecare guarantee that includes a range of benefits from standard product protection, approved contractor installation cover and our unique first 5-year Basecare+ warranty.


Overkote can be covered for up to 10 years depending on application

Overkote photos

We love seeing our products being used on projects both large and small. For more photos and videos follow our dedicated Overkote Instagram feed and if you would like to send us your own shots then contact us for more information.

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