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Removing expansion joints from balcony

We had a large balcony roof installed by a local contractor and the problem is that the expansion joints he installed are a trip hazard and I want them removing.

The contractor says that due to the size of the roof they cannot be removed as it could crack the topcoat, is this true and is their any way of getting rid of these expansion joints?

Without knowing the specific size of the roof, it sounds like the contractor is correct in what they are saying. Expansion joints are vital on GRP roofs over a certain size and taking them out could potentially leave the roof vulnerable to cracking.

To solve this problem you could either cut out the traditional E280 expansion trims and swap them with a G180 gutter trim as an inverted expansion joint or replace the entire roof with a system like Fibrecoat, that doesn't require any form of expansion joints.

Speak with your existing contractor about the options above, he may not be aware of the gutter expansion trim option or arrange for one of our approved contractors to come out and provide a free site survey and quotation for the work.




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