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Latest questions

Mixing the catalyst

How long do I mix the catalyst for in the resin and topcoat?

Kit quantities

How can I tell how much material is in your GRP roofing kits?

Custom colours

Can I get a custom Fibrelast finishing colour?

Metal trims

Can I use metal trims with a GRP roofing system?

Fibrelast resin system

The Fibrelast base resin and finishing topcoat system come in two different sizes and six colour options as standard.


We have three different activators for the Fibrelast system depending on the application temperature. Please visit our support section for more help with catalyst.


For reinforcement, Fibrelast can use 1 layer of 450 or 600gm matting for standard roofs while 2 layers of 450gm can be used for roofs with heavy foot traffic. For more information on choosing the best Fibreglass for your roof, please visit our chopped strand matting guide.