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Lloyds Approval

What is Lloyds Approval and why is it important for GRP Roofing?

Resin coverage

How much will a single can of GRP fibreglass roofing resin cover?

GRP on pitched roofs

Can I use a standard GRP roofing system on a pitched roof?

What is the fibreglass bandage used for?

Do I need to use fibreglass bandage on my flat roof?

Fibreglass guide

Choosing the right fibreglass for your roof and how to apply

Standard reinforcements

We supply a complete range of high quality Lloyds Approved chopped strand matting and surface tissues for use in partnership with the Fibrelast and Fibrecoat fibreglass roofing systems.

Fibreglass tapes

High quality range of fibreglass bandage and tapes for use on roofing joints.