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Can I use metal trims with GRP roofing

I have a flat roof that I want to strip back and apply the Fibrelast system to but I want to know if the product would be compatible with the metal trims I have already got or do I need to purchase the trims on your website.

We recommend that you use the specific GRP roofing trims when installing your new roof, and would stay away from metal or trims made from any other materials.

Some companies would suggest using a special primer to adhere the trims to the fibreglass but doing this would not only void any guarantee that you may have, it would also increase the risk of something happening to the bond between the system and the trims further down the line.

If you do want to bond a fibreglass roofing system to metal, then you should take a look at Fibrecoat, the system is applied in the same way as a standard GRP roofing system but sticks to a wide range of existing substrates including metal.



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