The base resin system didn't cure

The GRP Roofing base resin system did not cure and is still wet to the touch.

Possible causes

The catalyst system is probably the main cause of the curing issue, either not enough was added to the base resin for the temperature or it wasn't mixed correctly.


Unfortunately, the best way to solve this is to completely remove the base resin and fibreglass and start again.

If the base resin is still liquid there is a possibility of mixing up another batch of resin with an 8% catalyst content and roll this into the existing resin, but even this is not guaranteed to get a full cure and it is best to chalk it up to experience and start again.

The Fibrelast GRP roofing base resin has a catalyst colour changing indicator that will turn the resin from blue to green telling you the catalyst has been mixed correctly and it's ready to apply.



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