How-to repair a GRP fibreglass roofing surface?

If your GRP fibreglass roofing surface has become damaged it can be easily repaired using the following procedure.

Get rid of any debris and clean off the damaged area with Acetone. Rub down the GRP surface area with either 40 grit sandpaper or a hand grinder 100mm around the area or edge that needs to be joined.

Cut the chopped strand matting down to the correct size to cover the damaged area and mix up a small batch of resin and catalyst.

Apply a layer of the base resin over the abraded surface at the rate of 1kg of resin mix per square metre.

Place the pre-cut chopped strand fibreglass matting over the area and using a small consolidating roller wet out the glass with more resin at a rate of half a kilo per square metre ensuring that the glass fibre is free from air.

One the main base repair has cured, mix a small batch of finishing topcoat with catalyst and apply with a laminating brush at the rate of half a kilo per square metre.



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