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Can I change the colour of my existing GRP Roof

We've had our GRP roof down for a few years now and i'm wanting to change the colour. Can you tell me if this is possible without replacing the entire roof and if yes can it be done as a DIY project?

The answer is yes, you can change the existing colour of a GRP flat roof and would be possible as a DIY project if you were feeling confident.

In order to create the bond needed for the new topcoat, you would first need to sand back the old topcoat layer using a sanding machine with a coarse grade sandpaper, making sure to include all of the trims and any other details.

Clear off the dust with a stiff yard brush and make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the new layer of topcoat as per the application guide.

Doing something like this may void any guarantee you have on the roof so I would suggest checking that out first with either the manufacturer or the original installer.



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