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How easy is it to lay a GRP roof

I have an old felt garage roof (approx 15 square metres) that needs re-doing this year and instead of re-felting I thought I would try using your GRP roofing system.

I am an experienced joiner by trade and i've got your how-to guide but I want to know how easy is it to do and can I make it a DIY project for the summer?

GRP roofing can be applied by complete novices as long as they have an understanding of the materials, know their way around a roof and prepare in advance.

In our experience, the hardest thing most DIY'ers have problems with is how much catalyst to use when mixing the resin and topcoat system.

Once that catalyst is mixed with the resin you have to apply it to the roof before it cures, so having everything laid out and ready to go before you commit to this step is key.

If you have the confidence and understand all the steps involved, then give it a go, if you want more information then you can attend one of our courses, order a sample kit to play with or just pick up the phone and give us a call, we'll talk through anything you need to understand.



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