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Can I apply a new layer of topcoat over the existing GRP fibreglass roof?

I've had my old GRP balcony roof now for well over 15 years and I want to give it a new colour to match some of the other building work we've had done in the garden. Is it possible to add a different coloured topcoat to the existing GRP roof?

The answer is yes, you can do either as long as the roof is structurally sound. You will need to get rid of the debris and clean the roof first, then sand the roof using either 60-grade sandpaper or an orbital sander.

Make sure you have a face mask and safety goggles on while sanding and always work against the direction of the wind. Once this is done you can then apply the new finishing topcoat using the standard application guidelines.

Our Fibrelast finishing topcoats are available in 6 standard colours but we also have a colour match service.