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What's the difference between standard or low-cost systems and Fibrelast?

I notice you only supply one version of system but I have seen other companies marketing GRP roofing systems called "standard" and "low cost" and want to know what's the difference with your system and why are they cheaper.

"Standard" or "Low-cost" GRP roofing systems are targeted towards the contractor rather than the home owner and are supplied in order to undercut the price of a premium quality product such as Fibrelast.

These lower cost systems haven't been specifically adapted for the roofing market and are often made from sub-grade or re-blended materials often mixed together from manufacturer leftovers and provide no guarantee for the home-owner.

Fibrelast has been specifically formulated for the GRP roofing market and is fire retardant, flexible to take on roof movements and UV resistant. The system also comes with a 25 year Basecare guarantee and is backed up with free technical support.

It's up to you as the consumer to either ask your contractor what resin system they are putting on your roof or specify a brand that you have researched and are confident with.

We have created an impartial buyers guide for both contractors and consumers on what to look out for when choosing a GRP roofing contractor or buying the materials. Check it out for more information, or give us a call if you have any further questions.



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