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What do you mean by Flexible GRP roof system

Just want to know what a flexible GRP roofing system is and why it is important to have

A flexible GRP roofing system means that the resins and topcoat have been developed with extra flexibility over the standard polyester resins used in the marine industry.

Thermal expansion and contraction on a roof means that as the temperature rises and falls the roof expands and contracts causing the main roof to move and flex.

Cheaper, lower quality resin systems do not have increased flexible properties therefore when the roof expands and contracts the topcoat could crack.

Some companies will mix a flexible additive called plasticiser into the low cost resin after the product has been manufactured to increase it's flexibility. However this can cause problems later on as the plasticiser could leach out of the resin system causing a roof failure.

The Fibrelast GRP roofing system that we supply and our approved contractors install has been developed using our Fibreflex technology. This increases the flexibility of a standard polyester resin system without adding any after market additives which can affect the performance of the system.



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