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Can I fibreglass directly onto roofing felt or bitumen

I was told that you could apply a GRP roofing system directly over the top of felt/bitumen, is this true?

In short, the answer is no, while GRP roofing is a versatile system you have to know its limitations and overcoating onto existing felt or bitumen is one of them.

The felt or bitumen would inhibit the cure of the roofing resin and would leave you with an uncured mess which would require scraping off and starting again.

If you do manage to get the resin to cure on top of the existing surface the chances are it will delaminate from the felt and you will be left with the membrane of fibreglass sitting on top of the existing surface.

If you need a product that sticks to an existing surface why not have a look at the Fibrecoat system, our polyurethane fibreglass roofing system that can be applied directly over a number of different surfaces including bitumen, lead and even asbestos.



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