Brown Wildflower Green Roofing Modules 1m² Kit


Product is sold in 1m² kits with protection fleece and 4 Brown Wildflower green roofing modules per square metre

This low cost easy to install seasonal green roofing module will burst into life during the spring and summer months and contains a mix of 20-30 varieties of wildflowers and meadow grass seeds which are pre-germinated, depending on the season. Local plant seeds may also blow onto the roof adding diversity. During the Autumn and Winter months the modules will lie fallow leaving the soil on show.

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Add some life to your fibreglass flat roof

The seasonal Brown Wildflower Sedum green roof module is supplied with wildflower seeds pre-germinated depending on the season. In spring and summer your brown wildflower roof will burst into colour with flowers blooming, while in Autumn and Winter the plants will die back and lie fallow.


The module includes a mix of 20-30 varieties of wildflowers and meadow grasses. These are seasonal and the roof will lie fallow during the Autumn and Winter periods.

Soil mix

The soil used in the module is a special mixture prepared specifically for the Sedum and wildflower green roofing module, but particular mixes can also be prepared depending on the planting and specific project needs.


Made from recycled HDPE plastic, the carrier performs the following roles – a water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of roots from the airspace below, the cups greatly improve product handing making it easier to install.


The green roofing module is equipped with a double-action coupling system. The tabs on the side of each part engage the edge in the gaps between tabs of the facing part making them really easy and quick to connect.


Applying the green roofing modules over your completed GRP fibreglass roof is really simply. Lay the protection fleece (included with the module) over the entire area and install the optional metal guards to the edges of the roof. Clip the green roofing modules together over the roof area trimming the protection fleece and cutting the modules to size as required.

Pack sizes

Dimension details for the Brown Wildflower green roof modules

System properties

General product properties for the module.

  • Compressive strength 2000 Kg/m²
  • Water holding capacity of 20 litres/m²
  • UV resistant
  • Temperature range 50°C – 80°C
  • Carrier material 100% Regenerated
  • Drainage Surface 318 cm2/m²
  • Outflow Volume 40 l/m²
  • Saturated weight 65kg/m²

Additional information
Weight 65 kg

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