Green Roofing

Latest questions

Green roof delivery

How will my green roof be delivered to me

Green roofing weight

Is the building strong enough to hold a green roof?

Green roof guard trim

Do I need to use the guard trim on my green roof?

Can I cut the green roofing modules?

Can I cut the green roofing modules down to size?

Green roofing modules

Our low maintenance green roofing modules are quick and easy to install and provide a natural, environmentally friendly finish to your GRP roof.


Along with the modules, we supply a full range of accessories to complete your green roof.

Fibreglass Matting

Latest questions

Lloyds Approval

What is Lloyds Approval and why is it important for GRP Roofing?

Resin coverage

How much will a single can of GRP fibreglass roofing resin cover?

GRP on pitched roofs

Can I use a standard GRP roofing system on a pitched roof?

What is the fibreglass bandage used for?

Do I need to use fibreglass bandage on my flat roof?

Fibreglass guide

Choosing the right fibreglass for your roof and how to apply

Standard reinforcements

We supply a complete range of high quality Lloyds Approved chopped strand matting and surface tissues for use in partnership with the Fibrelast and Fibrecoat fibreglass roofing systems.

Fibreglass tapes

High quality range of fibreglass bandage and tapes for use on roofing joints.


Adhesives and sealants

Our range of adhesives and sealants for fibreglass roofing


High quality chemical resistant rollers made in the UK for use with both Fibrelast and Fibrecoat systems.


Our range of mixing buckets for both resin and topcoat systems.

Laminating brushes

High quality, chemical resistant laminating brushes made in the UK.

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment for both Fibrelast catalyst and site and system temperature so you can gauge product curing times.

Solvents and additives

Cleaning solvents for the tools and catalyst for the Fibrelast system

Personal protection

Range of personal protection equipment (PPE) to keep you safe when using the fibreglass roofing systems


Used to clean up the surface prior providing a good key for the Topcoat or second layer


Latest questions

Balcony expansion joints

Can I remove the expansion joints on my GRP balcony roof?

Collecting orders

Can I arrange to collect my GRP roofing orders?

Lead effect trims

What trims do I need in order to get a lead effect on my flat roof?

Metal trims

Can I use metal trims with a GRP roofing system?

Trims guide

Learn how to apply the GRP roofing trims

Flat flashing

Flat flashing is mainly used at the intersection of a pitched roof and flat roof often found on dormers.

F600 flat flashing for grp roofing

F600 Flat Flashing


Fascia trims

This trim is fitted to the lowest edge of the roof usually where the rainwater flows into the gutter.

Raised edge trims

This up-stand trim is installed to contain and direct the flow of water to a gutter.

Wall fillet trims

Angle fillet trims are fitted where the roof abuts a wall or vertical face, against parapet walls, in box gutters etc.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints allow for expansion on large GRP roofs over 50m2

Angle trims

An angle trim is used when the GRP roofing laminate needs to cover a surface which needs to continue perpendicular to the current level.

Drainage profiles

Additional profiles to assist with GRP roof drainage.

Fibreglass roofing systems

Latest questions

Mixing the catalyst

How long do I mix the catalyst for in the resin and topcoat?

Balcony expansion joints

Can I remove the expansion joints on my GRP balcony roof?

Kit quantities

How can I tell how much material is in your GRP roofing kits?

Custom colours

Can I get a custom Fibrelast finishing colour?

Fibrelast GRP roofing system

The core materials needed for the Fibrelast GRP roofing system, you can buy all the products and tools individually or purchase them in one of our pre-measured kits. We also supply the complete range of pre-formed trims and corners.

Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system

The core system components for our advanced Fibrecoat roofing system.